Project Outputs

Wijegunarathna, K., Stock, K., Jones, C.B., Wilton, A., Procter, J., Morris, J., Medyckyj-Scott, D., Morgan, F., Wieczorek, J. and Whitehead, B. (2022).  BioWhere – Georeferencing New Zealand’s Biota from Text. Poster presented at the New Zealand Geospatial Conference 2022, 29-30 August, Wellington, New Zealand.

Liao, R., Das, P., Jones, C.B. and Stock, K. (2022). Predicting distance and direction from text locality descriptions for biological specimen collections. 15th Conference on Spatial Information Theory (COSIT) 2022, 5-9 September, Kobe, Japan.

Scott, J., Stock, K., Morgan, F., Whitehead, B. and Medyckyj-Scott, D. (2021). Automated georeferencing of Antarctic species. GIScience 2021, September 27-30. Read the Paper. Watch the Video.

We ran a mini-hackathon on biological specimen georeferencing at the Spatial Data Science Symposium on 14 December 2021, won by a team from the University of Melbourne. Click here for more details.